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Our Vision

Cirlo GmbH develops innovative therapies based on a synergy of Medtech and Biotechnology. Our patented technology platform makes it possible to use stent-related scaffolds for therapy and diagnosis in the area of oncology, regenerative and personalized medicine. The individualized and multiple combinations of active ingredients, that generate an intensified local therapy with few side effects over a short up to a long period of time.

Our focus lies on patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer. The OncoStent technology is a modular system and consists of a target-related therapy. 80% of the metastases of pancreatic cancer migrate to the liver. In contrast to systemic therapy, the OncoStent works locally to protect vital organs e.g. the liver or the lung in addition to targeting circulating tumor entities. The innovative therapy is suitable for adjuvant and neo-adjuvant clinical settings. The innovative OncoStent scaffold is placed near the site of tumor metastasis using a minimally invasive procedure which can be handled by interventional radiologists. Our therapy supports existing treatment regimens over short and longer time periods. Cirlo’s major focus is the well-being of the patient who will receive the necessary medication with lower side effects and an increased chance of therapeutic efficacy. During the later development the optimized anti-cancer scaffolds are personalized and digitalized according to the patient’s medical need.

Cirlo Team

Co-founding and partner

Prof. Dr. Med. Thomas A. Ischinger

  • Specialist or Internal Medicine and Cardiology
  • Expert for minimally invasive treatment methods
  • Member of FACC, FESC and several scientific advisory boards
  • Advisor for innovative Medtech companies
Founder and CEO

Dr. rer. nat. Sabine Bauer

  • >20 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry
  • Expert in Pharmacology
  • Expert in Oncology and Atherosclerosis
  • International Project Leader
Co-founding and partner

Prof. Dr. Med. Thomas Gudermann

  • Head and Chair of the Walther-Straub-Institute of pharmacology & Toxicology,
  • Member of the Leopoldina, National Academy of Science
  • Representative of different scientific research networks
  • Member of national and international scientific societies