With the help of interactive surface coating, we will detect circulating tumor cells in the field of digitized medicine and read out signals. The SmartStent is a personalized therapy monitoring for cancer patients who are in remission. Complex therapy monitoring is reduced and the patient’s quality of life increases.

InfectoStent Scaffold

Further modifications of the modular characterized scaffolds generate a devices suitable for local release of growth factors leading to improved wound healing. Patients presenting with large wounds, e.g. diabetic foot or MRSA infections, will have a greater chance of healing due to new vessel formation near the site of infection. The InfectoStent scaffolds support existing […]

Cirlo – new ideas for medicine

Fusion of biotechnology and medical technology. Clinical studies and experience have shown that sustained anti-tumor effects are very limited. Cellular stress, triggered by chemotherapy, sooner or later leads to resistance in many cases. When treated with high doses, the tumor cell develops resistance mechanisms. These resistances enable the tumor cell to escape and continue to […]